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Auto-order in pharmacy chains 

Today, modern pharmacy chains need to create a single information space based on an already existing automated management system. For an organization that has: a central office, a warehouse, sometimes a small laboratory and retail outlets, it is very important to combine the available information in such a way that it can be used by different groups of users, be structured and have different access levels.

New technologies offer pharmacy retail solution "Auto-order". The new solution allows to integrate all the data of the pharmacy network into a single information space. Each online pharmacy is unique and carries out orders in accordance with its own priorities; "Auto-order" allows satisfying the needs of the majority of customers. has very flexible settings.

"Auto-order" facilitates the routine work of the pharmacy staff on a daily order of goods. The pharmacists no longer need to compare the price lists of the suppliers for several hours in order to fulfill the orders that satisfy them in the best way. Instead, they click a few buttons, and orders are distributed to the most profitable price lists of suppliers.
There are users who want to manually "tweak" the results of the work of "Auto-order". And these needs are also taken into account in the Auto-order, because it is not only an automatic system, but also convenient interfaces for a semi-automatic and manual order for the calculated needs.


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